[8][9]Cases of Russian Military Abuses[edit]Since the Russian

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iphone x cases Turkey[edit]In Loizidou v. V Belgium and Greece the Court judged on 21 January 2011 that both the Greek and the Belgian governments violated the European Convention on Human Rights when applying the EU law (Dublin Regulation) on asylum seekers and were given fines to the tune of some 6,000 and 30,000, respectively.[8][9]Cases of Russian Military Abuses[edit]Since the Russian military invaded Chechnya for the second time in 1999, the Court agreed to hear cases of human rights abuse brought forward by Chechen civilians against Russia in the course of the Second Chechen War, with 104 rulings to date as of April 2009 (including regarding the cases of torture and extrajudicial executions).[10][11] In 2007, the Court ruled that Russia was responsible for the killings of a human rights activist Zura Bitiyeva and her family.[12] Bitiyeva herself had filed a complaint against Moscow with the Court in 2000 for abuse while in detention https://iphonecases.basketballhat.com/, in then second case from Chechnya, but she was murdered in 2003 before the ruling was issued.[13] Other cases ruled against Russia included the deaths (or presumed deaths after years of forced disappearance) of Ruslan Alikhadzhyev, Shakhid Baysayev, Nura Luluyeva and Khadzhi Murat Yandiyev, the case of the indiscriminate bombing of Katyr Yurt, and some of the deaths during the Novye Aldi massacre. As of 2008, the Court has been flooded by complaints from Chechnya, what the Human Rights Watch called “the last hope for the victims”.[14]A European court case that received unprecedented level of attention in Russia and in the countries of former USSR was Kononov vs Latvia, in which the Grand Chamber ruled against USSR WWII veteran iphone cases, partisan fighter Vassili Kononov, accused of war crimes in now independent Latvia iphone x cases.