Its touchscreen was a mere 3

Wish we put more effort into keeping the guy, fans love him and he been consistent, proved doubters wrong last season with strong performances, but I guess we don know what happens behind closed doors. Him saying there haven even been discussions though is a little infuriating, I like to keep him as long as he wants to stay and it sounds like he loving it here so why not? I get we don want to overpay for players who suck up money past their prime but he not showing signs of slowing down yet, least we could do is give a short contract and see where things go if he wanting to stay himself. The Twins can be weird.

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Don think it a radical thing to do. It almost a celebration that a prohibition was lifted. Don need it, but I still bought it.. “Sometimes you just need 1 phone call. Just know that God is the greatest. They don’t want any love. It just that I can get dragged down on small points about sarcasm etc along with brushing off metado3 as bad advice. Until you disappear down the rabbit hole yourself and see the depths of the parents depravity. I posted a whole load of links/blogs/videos in this thread for those starting to look into it in more detail.

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